Hoosac Tunnel

The digging of the railroad tunnel Begun in 1851, it wasn’t finished until 1875. During those twenty-four years, hundreds of miners, using mostly crude black powder and pick and shovel, chipped away at the unyielding rock of Hoosac Mountain. By the time the tunnel was finished, two hundred men had lost their lives in what came to be known as “the bloody pit.” Most died in explosions, fires, and drownings, but one death may not have been accidental. In 1865, the explosive nitroglycerin was introduced to America and used for the first time in the construction of the Hoosac Tunnel. The tunnel is 4.75 miles and is an active railroad. This is located in North Adams Massachusetts.

Growing Up

I can’t believe it. My freshman year started in August 2019 and it’s already February 2020. I have 4 more months until I’m a sophomore. I guess what they say about how high school goes by fast is really true. I find school fun sometimes. My favorite subject is history and I find that especially fun to learn about. I’m growing up too fast. If I could I would go back to when I was a baby so I didn’t have to already be almost a sophomore. With the new age comes new responsibility, not that I can’t handle it because I’m very responsible for my age. Only 4 years of high school and I’m almost through my first year. I have to admit I was scared that freshman year was going to suck but thankfully it didn’t. It was a much better year than my 8th grade year with my being new here. I went through the adjustment from a small school where I was living a year ago to a much bigger school where I’m living now. I’m proud of how far I’ve come over the past year.

If your best friend is going through something hard like family issues or something else then be a good best friend and help them through it. Don’t leave them to deal with it on their own because chances are they are going to need someone to talk to. Always try to help them and be there for them.Treat others how you want to be treated. That’s the key. If you don’t want to be treated properly or rude then don’t treat others like that. You can never tell what someone is going through until you have walked in their shoes or talked to them.


Sometimes in life you won’t get everything you want. You’ll get what you need. Sometimes life will throw challenges your way that you can’t control. You have to learn how to cope with those challenges. You have to overcome them. One thing you definitely can’t do is give up. You have to keep trying. Find something positive in every day. At least one good thing. Take the negative things that are in your life and throw them in the trash. If I’ve learned one thing in the 15 years I’ve been alive it’s that you need to stay positive,happy and have good vibes only. Hangout with people who make u smile and laugh. Not people who are always negative and make u cry. Forget about those negative people and find the positive people. Surround yourself with people who love you. Not people who dislike or hate you. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Stay happy. Stay smiling and lastly stay healthy.

If only…

If only kids could realize what they do can impact their future. What they post is for everyone to see and once you post something it’s out there forever. Definitely think twice before posting something. If only kids could realize what they say to other can really hurt. My motto I live by is “if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”. Words.Can.Hurt.

High School

High school can be hard. You feel like you should dress a certain way. You feel like some things are dumb that you used to enjoy doing. You feel like everyone is judging you. But you always find that one friend who you click with. They understand you and how you feel. They do not judge you and they love you for you. If and when you ever find that one friend, keep them close to you.